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We have provided below the most frequently asked questions and are open to answer more once you contact us.

Choosing a NEW Tire: What should I consider?

Look for tires that excel in tests for braking, handling.

Tire Disposal: What can i do with old tire?

Termed End-of-life tires, 90% of these are recycled for energy recovery in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

All seasons vs. Winter Tires: What's the difference?

The key to good traction is friction, but this can be elusive depending on the weather. Winter tires are designed to stay soft and pliable at low temperatures, so they will deform and re-conform to all the micro irregularities of the icy surface, resulting in grip. All-season tires are designed to help provide traction in wet and snowy conditions. Their reinforced sidewalls keep the tire shoulders on the road, while microgrooves help provide biting edges that lock together, enabling better grip when turning on wet roads.

We recommend using the tire pressure that the vehicle manufacturer requires. This information is normally written on the inside driver’s door jam. We suggest you do not deviate from this tire pressure. Pressure requirements may change with plus sized tires.

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A1 Tires Unlimited is serving Durham Region since 1997 and we have an array of pleased customers. We work following the philosophy to help our community to ride safe and better. Every customer’s specific needs are addressed precisely and we are always open to hear from you and learn from you.

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We have very flexible and affordable prices in Durham as our philosophy is to help you ride safe and fast.

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